Our Approach to Portfolio Management/Consistencies:
  • A long-term orientation
  • Driven by fundamental research and valuation - Repeatable Process
  • Strong balance sheets with sustainable business models
  • Two Capitalization Products - Large Cap Dividend/Total Return, Mid-Small Capital Appreciation
  • Low Turnover - Tax Efficient
Institutional Investment Management:
  • Long History of Institutional Account Management
  • Experienced in Pension, Foundations, Charitable Organizations, and Mutual Fund Investment Management (Act 40 companies)
  • Domestic SMA Equity Management
  • Quality Large Cap Equity Dividend Income
  • Mid to Small Cap offered in a Socially Responsible/ESG form
Radnor Capital Management. Counsel without compromise.
Radnor Capital Management was launched by portfolio managers Doug Pyle and Pierce Archer with a clear goal: to provide clients with, cost-effective investment counseling and individualized portfolio management.

We believe at the core of any successful business is a culture of shared values and a common purpose, and our role as investment counselors, fiduciaries and stewards of our clients’ assets informs and defines everything about our firm.

Our clients – high-net-worth individuals and families, foundations, endowments and charitable organizations and other institutional accounts – trust us to give them uncompromising guidance and help them make informed financial decisions. As an employee-owned firm, we answer only to our clients.

We espouse a long-term philosophy, as do our clients. They look to our integrity to ensure the appropriateness of our recommendations, and indeed we would not invest for them any differently than we do for ourselves. At Radnor, we think in generations, not quarters.

Ultimately, our objective is to fully meet the unique needs of each individual client using the correct levels of resources they require with absolute oversight from us.